F12ELSQ is a company specialized in Turnkey Logistics & Provision Projects, Emergency Services, Internal Security and Industrial Catering Solutions.

We are a Source of Solutions, placing our customer’s problem at the beginning of the assembly line, to be analyzed, deconstructed, understood, and finally, solved.

Our team is totally multifunctional, which allows us to channel our resources and efforts to specifically demanding areas, resulting in a high production and innovation capacity.


In order to always present the best products, our team is constantly seeking out the latest technology and best practices from around the world.


We have a world class network of suppliers, in several areas, which give us confidence to embrace large scale projects on the African Continent. We are also able to analyze, on a case-by-case basis, finance packages for projects within Telecomunications, IT Infrastructure, Public Works, Mining, Oil and other sectors.

A Solution Making Company

F12 ELSQ Lda.

Bairro de Alvalade

Avenida Comandante Gika nº187, Cave


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+351 939 561 638

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